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What is Troupe Academy?

  • An innovative online learning platform that uses cutting edge methods to offer interactive, personalized education.

Who can benefit from Troupe Academy?

  • Students of various ages and learning styles, particularly those seeking engaging and interactive educational experiences. So, students that want to be elite really.

How does the your method of learning work?

  • We ask students questions that gradually lead them to realisation of knowledge.

What courses do you offer?

  • A range of subjects focusing on mathematics and science, and critical reasoning with plans to expand.

What makes Troupe Academy different?

  • Our unique focus on interactive learning and content creation by students sets us apart.

How much does it cost?

  • We offer several subscription tiers, including a free version and when you are ready to get your hands dirty:

    • weekly access to live, a one-hour session with the best tutors (if you are on our priority plan, your session will be at a fixed time every week)

    • with our full access plan, you'd have to complete the week's task before you can book a session.

    • ability to create, share your own content, and receive income

Can I try Troupe Academy before subscribing?

  • Yes, we offer a trial period for you to experience our platform firsthand.

What is the tutor session like?

  • Here you can get answers to your questions.

  • Your expert will verify your understanding.

  • Practice under test-like conditions

  • And of course, connect with others in your group

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